Watercraft Community – The Wave


Watercraft Community – The Wave

A while ago I took my best friend and her daughter out on the surf boards.  While we were cruising along the calm waters. Soon we got to a more congested area of boats.  Although to me, it appeared we had lots of room, I noticed my best friend’s daughter appearing more and more nervous. 

After a while I could see that she was actually becoming scared.  To me the surroundings were as easy as waking up on a Saturday morning.  To her, it appeared chaotic.  Me, being myself, I came close to her and asked what is wrong.  She said she wondered if anyone could see her as the boats were very large in comparison.  I suggested that when ever a boat came close to simply waive.  I told her it would be a great surprise for her, as naturally she is shy.

It gave me great joy to see the change in her.  I don’t know if it is like a custom on the lakes around, but everyone started waiving back at her.  Eventually she gracefully fell into the water and everyone around came rushing to see if she was all right.  When they saw that she was fine, they started asking her questions about the powered surfboard, it was watching a caterpillar grow to a butterfly.  She started to lose her introverted ways and started leading conversations. 

A time passed and she was up and riding again, shoulders back, smiling, and waiving to all…again all smiling and waiving back.  You see on the surrounding lakes where I Powersurf it is an old custom to waive at passers by.  When she asked why all waived back to her, I couldn’t resist in telling her that when a beautiful woman waives, such as you, around here everyone waives back.

To see that change in her was one of my greatest days.  I don’t know if it is a custom everywhere on waters, as I can only hope.  It would be nice if everywhere it was like it is on the waters of the lake.  When someone waives, everyone waives back.  If someone falls all come running to help.  Talking to strangers is easy and it’s always welcome, and almost expected.

I would like to thank all on the waters that behave in such a way. I wish all would: in every aspect in every way.  To all around it was just another day on the lake.  To me it was Saturday.


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