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Create Your Wave

The concept of Create Your Wave has been a life philosophy of our founder, Brad Anderson, for over 30 years.

Create Your Wave comes from a critical and conscientious way of positioning yourself in your environment: “There are those who let the waves of life push them to where other forces desire them to be.

There are those who make decisions on the “now”; never getting ahead of the present and past.  They miss out on many different aspects on what could happen.

There are those who sit and wait for the “perfect wave”.

Then there are those who create their wave and drive past those who either are waiting or being pushed by their environmental forces. It is a conscious and dedicated way of looking at life and all one endures and appreciates.”

We invite you to be a part of this legacy: to Create Your Wave.


Create Your Wave is a forward-thinking company, not just as a powered surfboard company, but also for the environment, our customers and partners.  It’s our purposeful intention, from all points of contact, you see us as one of the “good guys” and in hopes we lead our competitors and partners in a similar direction.

When you ride our boards please be aware of your surroundings and act accordingly.   In many cases one may see one as just that: one.  We ask that you be the one who makes a difference and realize the consequences for only seeing yourself as one of millions.

We believe it was best said, “To the world you may be one, but to one you may be the world”. We also ask you to share the environment: with swimmers, other craft owners, etc. please be conscientious to all those around and always use safe and polite watercraft practices.

Create Your Wave offers leading powered surfboard products in the marketplace in each of their products sets: Family Powered Surfboard – the Cruse, Performance Powered Surfboard -the Tomahawk, Family Electric Surfboard – the Slide, Performance Electric Surfboard – the Blade, and Electric Powered Hoverboard – the Kite.

For our gas-powered crafts only use premium gas with no ethanol.  For the electric boards only use the equipment provided for your craft specifically.

Please never charge your batteries on or near water and never put any battery directly on cement or concrete.

Each product is a leader in their product grouping and designed specifically for the demands of its audience.  All the board decks and backs can be customized to specification.

When you fall, and you will, you can expect the board to be within 3 ft or 1 m of you as the jet impeller works as a brake without throttle.

We are excited about the opportunity of working with you and thank you for visiting our website.

Create Your Wave's Electric Powered Surfboards and Skateboards

The Maverick

The Maverick

Welcome to Create Your Wave’s non-convention: the Maverick.

Like Samuel Maverick or in surfing terms our Maverick sets itself from the pack.  The Maverick is the most advanced, high performance electric powered surfboard.

The Maverick boasts a ride time of over 1-hour, with a 2-hour charge time. With speeds reaching a maximum of 57 KM/h, 36 M/H and acceleration with no questions asked.  The Maverick promises to be a real favourite among advanced powered surfers. The board’s sleek design is specific for carving turns, base acceleration and getting out of the tunnel quickly and effortlessly. The board specifications are determinant on pilot weight being under 100kg’s or 220 lbs.

The shell is made from carbon fibre, ensuring longevity of the board. The exposed parts are aluminum, again with all Create Your Wave electric boards, granting the board a 0-carbon footprint for the environment.

Product Manual

The Apex

Create Your Wave is proud to showcase their newest innovation in electric skateboards: the Apex! The Apex’s dual 1100 Watt motors and performance all terrain air tires enables the Apex to be a top predator; to eat up any environment: from hills up to 38 degrees, sand, stone, grass and pavement.

The Apex’s Canadian Maple deck grants the rider a comfortable ride with a good feel of the terrain. With top speeds of 38kmph / 23Mph, ABS breaking, unfailing blue tooth throttle, and un-stacked Lithium cell battery configuration, the Apex proves to be at the top of the food-chain.

Come, Create Your Wave with the Apex Electric Skateboard.

Product Manual
The Apex
The Kite

The Kite

Create Your Wave’s name for our hover board, Kite, is by no mistake. The Kite is one of natures most elegant flyers in the Avery World: this board stays true to her name. Like the Kite she is very adept in sea and fresh water.

She is fully electric and has a 0-carbon-footprint as all parts touching the water are carbon fibre. Your speed control is wireless via Blue Tooth. There are many advance technologies embedded in the board such as the kill switch tether, the battery technology and, also the below water fin, again shaped like a Kite’s.

The Kite enables the “average weighted” pilot to float above the water at maximum speeds of 50 Km/H or 35 M/H. The run time is approximately 1 hour at full throttle constant with a 2-hour charge time at best performance. The battery is powered at 2800 Watts. In perspective the average car/wheel chair battery is under 100 Watts. Fully assembled the Kite weighs in under 23 KGs or 50lbs, almost as much as the batteries for a car or wheel chair.

As with its competitors in Nature we are hard pressed to find a true competitor in the electric powered hover surfboard marketplace for the Kite.

Product Manual

The Slide

Many of us grew up in a neighbourhood with “neighbourhood values”. There was always 1 house in which everyone flocked, and the parents always knew that if their children were not at home, they were at that 1 house.

Growing up, for the longest time, the main attraction seemed to be our slide. We would all spend hours running up the steps to go down. Even my parents used to ride it during the warmer months with all. As we got older and time progressed it got bigger and better, again, still attracting the neighbourhood as my parents loved the comradery and ensured the continuance.

Our family electric powered surfboard is engineered to do the same in its respect. Comparable to its rivals, it is very simple to ride, stable and has over 1-hour of ride time on a 2-hour charge. The board, fully assembled, weighs in under 22 Kg or 50 bs and boasts maximum speed of 45 Km/h or 28 M/h. Once seen it invites those to think, “I’ve gotta try this!”

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The Slide

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